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YouTuber with more than 11 million subscribers on his Morgz channel. He has posted primarily challenges and comedy videos. He is also popular on Instagram with over 850,000 followers. His full name is Morgan Hudson.Buy Morgz Merch Here!

Morgz Merch

About Morgz Merch

Morgan Hudson, better known online as Morgz, is a British YouTuber known for his pranks, challenges, sketches, and vlogs. He is well-known in the community as YouTube’s most notorious prankster and vlogger, producing videos like the Pause Challenge and being one of the site’s most successful prank channels.

Morgan was once well-known in the FIFA community before switching to becoming a vlogger and finding enormous success. Famous for his 3 AM videos, Morgan is frequently criticized for being overly dramatic and childish because most of his viewers are children.

Early life and Career

In 2014, Morgz started his career on YouTube. In the start, he tends to make random types of videos to run his channel. However, later he learned about the kind of content that most other YouTube stars used to make, such as Vlogs, Pranks, Challenges, etc. So, he also started making the same genres of videos into the channel. With time, the channel got a tremendous amount of views, and he managed to receive 1 million subscribers in an early period. Right now, his YouTube channel stands at more than 11 million followers.

Morgz also created an account on Instagram and Tiktok. Hence, he started working on these platforms and attained a tremendous amount of followers. Luckily, these platforms are also helping him to earn a good amount of money and become a famous personality.Besides that, Morgz has plans to work in the Film Industry. Therefore, he is working hard to improve his followers and appearance to get a chance and become a megastar.

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