What happened between MrBeast and Morgz?

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YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson, popularly known as MrBeast, feels his “copycats” are getting “out of hand.” The creator replied to a tweet by fan Louis-Philippe Papineau, who shared his annoyance at people going to great lengths to copy the YouTuber’s content.The 24-year-old creator replied to the tweet and agreed with Louis that the copying was getting out of control.

Jimmy is known for making exuberant videos with big budgets and massive sets. He has previously shared that each of his videos requires months of planning for a successful execution.

However, with a YouTube following of over 100 million subscribers, the creator is often copied by other creators.

British YouTuber Morgz could be considered one of MrBeast’s most notorious alleged copycats. In fact, the two got into a feud in 2018 after the latter’s fans and followers accused the former of blatantly copying his ideas and thumbnails.

It all started in August 2018 when fans found uncanny similarities between MrBeast and Morgz’s videos. In April 2018, Jimmy uploaded a video titled “Can 1,000 Rolls Of Duct Tape Stop A Car??” In August of the same year, Morgz also uploaded a seemingly similar video titled, “Can 1,000 Layers of Duct Tape Stop a Car Hitting Me?”

Jimmy addressed the similarities in a now-deleted tweet. Morgz quickly replied with screenshots of different YouTubers who had created the same video years before the two and said that there are people who did it first.

Jimmy replied with a video, saying that he did not want any beef with the English YouTuber. However, Jimmy asked Morgz to switch up the content while creating videos inspired by him.

Morgz quickly replied, agreeing that he did not want beef between the two either. He also added that the content of his video was very different from Jimmy’s video.

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